Virtual Laboratory of Physics. Mechanics

The program complex includes 32 virtual laboratory works on the basic sections of mechanics:

Translational Movement

Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Motion with Uniform Acceleration

Laws of Collisions

Free Fall

Inclined Launch

Rotational Motion

Precession and Nutation of a Gyroscope

Rotational Motion with Uniform Acceleration

Moment of Inertia of a Horizontal Rod

Moment of Inertia of Various Test Bodies

Maxwell’s Wheel


Hooke’s Law

First- and Second-Class Levers

Parallelogram of Forces

Inclined Plane

Static and Dynamic Friction

Deformation of Solids

Bending of Flat Beams

Torsion on Cylindrical Rods

Mechanics of Liquids

Falling Sphere Viscosimeter

Surface Tension

Archimedes’ Principle

Mechanical Oscillations

Harmonic Oscillation of a String Pendulum

Elliptical Oscillation of a String Pendulum

Variable g Pendulum

Kater’s Reversible Pendulum

Simple Harmonic Oscillations

Pohl’s Torsion Pendulum

Forced Harmonic Rotary Oscillation

Coupled Oscillations

Mechanical Waves

Acoustics and Sound

Speed of Sound in Air

Measure Standing Sound Waves in Kundt’s Tube

Propagation of Sound in Rods